Your Brain Is The Only Tool You Carry Everywhere. Sharpen it.
Veteran-Owned Business

The Cognitive Performance Coaching Platform for High‑Stress Professions

Our special operations-inspired platform helps you perform your best during your mission and after your mission, and enables you to manage a stressful life for the long term.

Built by U.S. Special Operators and the Sports Psychologists who trained them.
Essential Skills for the world's Toughest operators. Sharp makes them accessible to everyone.
Be Resourceful
Work with vetted coaches who understand high-stress professions on performance and accountability.
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stay focused
Preventative Training
Improve focus and decision-making, and learn to address your internal experiences so you can get back to what’s important.
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Improve yourself
Resource Management
Connect with wellness resources unique to your organization, as well as Sharp-recommended options for high-stress professions.
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Built in partnership with members of the nation’s elite teams
People love what we do and we want to let you know
"Sharp has greatly benefited my mental clarity and physical vitality, enhancing my overall well-being."
Eric Lane
Captain at Hawthorne PD
“After just one week of Sharp, I noticed a distinct improvement in my focus during training. This is next level.”
Alexander Karwoski
2x US Olympic Rower
"Sharp is the performance solution law enforcement has been waiting for!"
Tony Cortina
Captain at West Covina PD